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hornet 5c74e7a811 Added data for repo 1 year ago
hornet 85d9e6dd2c Added citation file 1 year ago
hornet 46c75d1c17 Fixed hub file writing 1 year ago
hornet 39b29a30c6 Added hub timer 1 year ago
hornet d5e893e139 Edited requirements document. 1 year ago
hornet a85b08f050
Feature/py iot (#4) 1 year ago
hornet 5d0a26ca7e
Moved a bunch of files (#3) 1 year ago
hornet 845b6f2a42
Merge pull request #1 from hornetfighter515/feature/py-hub 1 year ago
hornet 16c2c6f8a9
Merge pull request #2 from hornetfighter515/feature/py-cli 1 year ago
hornet e8d230b31a Now loads config from YAMl 1 year ago
hornet 4760930c4f Add test config 1 year ago
hornet 515a0a0253 Merge branch 'feature/py-cli' of github.com:hornetfighter515/dist-iot-net into feature/py-cli 1 year ago
hornet f8edfdbd3b Deleted test files 1 year ago
Lachezar 3d8db78895
Delete bob.py 1 year ago
Lachezar d7cc314ffe
Delete alice.py 1 year ago
hornet 83ffa9bd49 Added hub code 1 year ago
hornet 6ec668d7a4 Added client code 1 year ago
Lachezar Todorov 954550408d Forgot to add some files that were in the parent directory 1 year ago
Lachezar Todorov 9a4225751a Made bare bone server that runs. Looking to add proper login and logout functions that users will use to connect and disconnect with the server. 1 year ago
hornet bdd2c0f91d Writing test websocket client 1 year ago
Lachezar Todorov 9bd87725d3 Made some improvements to the readability of the code and changed it to that Bob just prints the decrypted message rather than sending it to Alice to print it 1 year ago
Lachezar Todorov b9cf6dc6b5 Made Alice and Bob classes. Alice encrypts a message and sends it to Bob, who decrypts the message and should print the plaintext to show he decrypted it. However, that is not the case. 1 year ago
Lachezar 2b1f25e131 Took the encrypt_decrypt class and changed it to a class with functions. Added in alice.py and bob.py. The idea is that from main.py, Alice is called and encrypts then sends a message, while Bob receives the message and decrypts it. At some point the after Bob decrypts it the plaintext should be printed to show that Bob did it successfully, however nothing gets printed at the moment. 1 year ago
Lachezar Todorov f98c630ea2 Added in URL to where I found information on the rsa library and the functions used to encrypt and decrypt. 1 year ago
Lachezar Todorov 33256b73a7 Created a new file that encrypts and decrypts a message using the rsa library. Note: make sure to install the rsa library before using the following code. 1 year ago
hornet 2e47014923 Adding python client directory 1 year ago
hornet a0d9557e0d
Update README.md 1 year ago
hornet d0665ac5de
Initial commit 1 year ago